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Thermomix® TM6®

All-in-one multicooker

Discover your new “sous chef” that can do it all

meet Gosia

your independent 



Welcome to my culinary world! I'm Gosia Domas, your Thermomix Independent Consultant, passionate about transforming your kitchen into a hub of excitement and flavor. Whether you're a kitchen novice or a seasoned chef, I'm here to guide you through the magic of Thermomix. As your consultant, I offer personalized advice and hands-on support, ensuring you make the most of your Thermomix. Let's turn every meal into a celebration of taste, creativity, and the joy of cooking together. Join me on this flavorful journey, where every dish becomes a canvas for your culinary expression. Cheers to a delicious adventure ahead!

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Rustic Dinner Table





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Guided Cooking

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Multilingual Functionality

Advanced Tech

Steaming Capability

All-in-One Functionality


Community and Support

Precise Temperature Control

Self-Cleaning Feature

Built-in Scale

Green Apples

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Get free shipping (up to $69) when you purchase with a Consultant.

Valid on all orders that include a TM6®.

Marta J.

Life changing

I can never go back to cooking the way I did before. This opens a whole new world of cuisine. Every meal comes out perfect every time. It's simply amazing!

Kevin D.

Wish I'd bought one sooner.

OK I was hesitant to buy a thermomix based solely on its price. Once my wife talked me into it and I actually started using it everything changed. 1st it's impossible to get bord with over 90000 and growing recipes. I've eaten more new recipes in the past month than I have in the past 3 years. 2nd to be able to select the recipes I want to try and then schedule them on a calendar to actually cook them adds coordination to my already existing variety. 3rd once I have selected the recipes I want to eat that week I can export the ingredients list instantly to Walmart, Amazon Fresh & Food Lion just to name a few. So I can actually pick out some recipes, schedule them to my calendar, order the ingredients and they get delivered to my door! 

Lisa D.

Everything I have eaten is all home cooked meals which are better for me and my family. The clean up is much easier in the thermomix which actually has its on self cleaning mode. I'm not intimidated cooking all these new recipes because the thermomix walks me through every step of the process from A to Z. We eat out of the thermomix every day. It has revolutionized the way my family and I eat on a daily basis. Hands down the thermomix has become my favorite household item!



Are you new to using your Thermomix? Check out these helpful videos that will guide you through the setup and usage process. With these tips, you'll be cooking up a storm in no time!

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